The initial consultation is a free 20-minute informal and confidential session. 


Our formal sessions are open-ended, which means you let me know when you feel better and want to stop the therapy. However, I don’t suggest a sudden termination. Instead, it would be good if we could have an ending session so we have a chance to review our previous sessions. Our sessions are online via Zoom or face-to-face in Torquay, Devon.

Each formal session lasts up to 50 minutes; Please arrive on time, or you will lose the minutes you are late for.


Sessions are available from Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 6 pm (first come, first serve).


Fees (PAYG):

  • Fees for private individual therapy is £80 per session;
  • Fees for private couple therapy is £90 per session;

  • I also provide a discounted fee, £50 per session, for students and people on benefit.

Bundled payment option:

  1. Fees for 10-session private individual therapy is £700;

  2. Fees for 10-session private couple therapy is £800;


Fees are due 48 hours before the session.

Free cancellation needs to be made 48 hours before the session. Otherwise, the full fee might be charged.